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About Us

MirKo is an international business-to-business Company. It was established before three decades in Stuttgart as a trading company. Over the years, MirKo grew substantially and took exclusiveness of German and Austrian manufacturers for animal feed supplements, other maintenance, products to contractors in the construction, installation business and industrial users. We also provide our customers with value-added integrated supply services, including procuremnt and invetory management, to enable them to imporove their own customer services and increase their efficiency and competitiveness. MirKo serves an extensive network of customers and is qualified to handle projects of unlimited contract value globaly. MirKo assists companies and investors who are investing or intend to invest in Pakistan as well as facilitates the implementation and operation of their projects and assistance in coordination with Pakistan Government Departments/Agencies as Federal and Provincial level. There is a constant upgrading trend toward better-quality, longer-lasting and more functional and versatile products. MirKo as a world-class distributor have the necessary expertise and resources to help suppliers, bridging the gap between their Retail & Distributor labs and end users in order to accelerate the penetration of the new products.

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