Feed Supplements
A feed used with another feed to improve the nutritive balance or performance of the total ration and intended to be: 
  1. Diluted with other feeds when fed to livestock; 

  2. Offered free choice with other parts of the ration if separately available or

  3. Further diluted and mixed to produce a complete feed.


A substance intended, or capable of being used for the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease, disorder or abnormal physical state.

Allopathic Medicines

The term "allopathy" was coined in 1842 by C.F.S. Hahnemann to designate the usual practice of medicine (allopathy) as opposed to homeopathy, the system of therapy that he founded based on the concept that disease can be treated with drugs (in minute doses) thought capable of producing the same symptoms in healthy people as the disease itself.

Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy is one of the fastest-growing alternative medicines available today. By triggering the body's own self-healing abilities, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat everyday ailments as well as acute and chronic symptoms of mind and body and are winning more converts every day

Medical Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics is the study of the procedures that provide information to aid the screening, detection, diagnosis and monitoring of a human disease, whether symptomatic or not. As such, this definition includes recognised medical disciplines such as pathology, clinical biochemistry, immunology and radiology.